The best crystals to protect you and keep you safe

Amethyst for protection and safety

I love crystals. I love wearing them and my house is full of them. And I love how they have ‘magical powers’ and can protect you and keep you safe.

There is a lot of energy moving about this great universe and it’s not always helpful or positive. So we need to protect ourselves.

If you’re doing a lot of meditation, channelling, astral travelling (I didn’t know I was for years!) you need protection.

If you work in a toxic environment or somewhere that has a lot of trauma, think hospital, police force, social worker. Anywhere that deals with stress, trauma or negativity you need to keep yourself protected.

So let’s have a look at the different crystals that will protect you and keep you safe.

Black Tourmaline

The go-to crystal of protection

black tourmaline Black Tourmaline is quite a well know crystal for protection and safety. It protects you from other people’s negative energies. It can also protect you if you are in a place that has low vibrational negative energy. 


This is a good one for all you astral travellers and CHANNELLERS.

Another black stone for protection. It neutralises negative energy and clears your energy field of low vibrational negative energies. It s able to absorb and processes negativity the same way charcoal cleans water.

Black Tibetan Quartz

Electromagnetic protection

Black Tibetan Quartz for protection

Found in the Himalayas of Tibet these crystals are super, super powerful. But not easy to get. 

When you wear it, it creates a force-field of protection around your physical and etheric body (your aura and chakras) 

You can also put it on your home to protect you from the Electro-Magnetic radiation from your Tv and the many others devices in your home. 

I also have some beside my bed to protect me as I sleep. It is a super crystal for protecting you!

Black Jade

protection from the masses

Black jade is the stone that we all need at the moment because it protects us from being overwhelmed by the negativities of the mass consciousness. 

It does this by shielding us from the projections of others and the mass media.

It also helps protect us from any cords of attachment that have hooked into us.

I think I need to get me some of that!


amethyst for protection

It may seem that all crystals of protection are black but Amethysts is the exception. 

Amethyst is able to create a bubble of protection around you keeping you safe from all kinds of negative energies and attachments.

Clear quartz

And clear quartz because they can amplify the energies of other crystals. So if you have your protection crystals in your room or house along with some clear quartz, it’s like you’ve turned up the volume!


Which crystal to choose ?

Which one to choose?

Well, they say the crystals choose you! 

You will be drawn to one or given one and it will be exactly what you need. 

Some people are drawn to the colour or the shape. Or maybe it’s a particular quality, like protection and safety that call you. 

It’s good if you can hold it in your hand and feel into its energy. But if you don’t feel anything don’t worry, just choose the one that you like. It will be the right one. 

How to protect yourself with your chosen crystal

There are several ways you can use crystals for protection and safety.

You can wear them which is always a great choice. That way they are with you always and always protecting you.

If you can’t wear them then you could put them in your pocket.

In the house, you can put them near your TV and computer and other electrical devices.  This will help to protect you from the Electro-Magnetic Fields they emit.

I also have them next to my bed to keep me safe when I sleep.

So I hight recommend you get a few pieces and start using them. They have been gifted to us by Mother Earth for a reason. 

Further reading

If you are interested in learning more about crystals I highly recommend ‘The Book of Stones – Who are they & what do they teach’ by  Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian. It’s an amazing book and where most of the information in this article came from.

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