5 Simple Ways to Balance and Align your Root Chakra

balancing your root chakraYour root chakra sits at the base of your spine and connects you to the earth. Hence the name root chakra. It literally roots you into the earth and keeps you stable and grounded. 

How to know if your Root chakra is out of alignment

The root chakra is related to all your basic needs – security, home, family, finances and community. All the stuff we need to feel safe and supported.

If we are threatened in these areas or don’t have the support we need we can not only have issues with these aspects of our life but also with our lower back, hips and legs. Our physical body will literally show us what is happening energetically and psychologically. 

  • back issues
  • financial issues
  • family issues
  • feeling abandoned
  • feeling unsafe
  • feeling ungrounded
  • feeling lost 

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Trauma and the Root Chakra

When are scarred, have a shock or experience trauma our natural response is to flee. Fight or flight mode kicks in and to enable us to get away we automatically and unconsciously pull our root chakra out of the earth. This helps is to ‘take fight’ and is very important for our survival. (see that link to survival again!)

But the thing is as we are usually unaware that this has happened it will remain this was. So it is super important after any kind of shock or trauma that you put your roots back into the earth.

How to balance and align your root chakra


Strong and healthy chakras are just as important as strong and healthy bones and muscles. And just like muscles, they take work to keep them aligned and strong. 

So it’s super important to look after them and keep them in tip-top shape. Luckily the things that you need to do are pretty cool and you’re probably doing some of them already. 

The secret sauce is intention and consistency!

So lets have a look at how you can keep your root chakra working at its best.

1. Limiting beliefs

If you want to have a strong healthy root chakra you need to firstly remove and blockages and baggage that has caused the imbalance then you need to strengthen and empower it so it can hold the new energies.

This is so important becasue you can do all the other things but if you have conscious or subconscious beliefs that you are not safe, supported or worthy (just to name a few) then your chakras will struggle to stay strong and balanced. 

Affirmations are great as they are a way of reprogramming your mind to think differently. Repeated over time they penetrate your mind and change your belief system.

You also need to catch yourself whenever hear yourself saying anything that contradicts your affirmations and the thoughts you want to cultivate.

For example, if you are trying to create more abundance in your life but you have a reassuring thought that you have any money or can’t afford something it is going to end all the good work you are putting  in. So whenever you catch yourself say

“no this is not true. This is an outdated limiting belief and I no longer give it any power”  

Then say your affirmation. One that is the opposite of your limiting belief. 

So for example, if your limiting belief is “I never have any money” you can start to say “There is always money in my bank account”

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Root Chakra Affirmations

2. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to balance your chakras because they are so connected. The ancient yogis had a very deep understanding of how the physical and etheric bodies were connected and they know how to use the body to shift blockages in the chakras.

There are so many poses that can hep to align your root chakra but these have been chosen because they are relatively easy to do. And as we are working on stability there is no point doing poses that make you feel anything but safe and stable. 

The main idea is to feel a connection to the earth. so as you do these poses focus on that connection. Feel Mother earth holding you and feel that support. It will ground you and bring you to your centre and to a place of feeling protected and held.

7 yoga poses for your base chakra

3. Crystals

Who doesn’t love crystals? They are such amazing tools on your spiritual journey. They have so many different properties in can help us in so many ways.

Generally, any crystal that is red or earthy colours will work to help ground you. 

crystals for chakra balancing

You can wear them carry them in your pocket, meditate with them or put them under your pillow as you sleep. 

Crystals to strengthen and align your root chakra

  • Ruby
  • red jasper
  • onyx
  • smokey quartz
  • Tigers eye

4. Meditation

Here is a really basic root chakra meditation that I use all the time.

Simply find a quite place in nature. Your garden, a park or the beach if you are lucky anough to live near one. 

Sit and connect and follow the instructions below. 

Don’t overthink it. Just connect to the earth below you, that’s the most important part.

Root chakra meditation

Root chakra meditation

5. Spend time in nature

As I said before our root chakra connects us to the earth. it grounds us and anchors us and from that, we get a sense of connection and safety. So it is no surprise that one of the best ways to align your root chakra is through nature. 

just being in nature will help. Sitting on the earth is even better! 

Sitting on the earth and imagining your roots flowing into the earth is even better!

connect to nature

The root chakra, like all chakras, plays a key role on bring harmony, balance and health to all parts of your being. By taking the time to understand it and then connect with it and nurture it you will experience a greater sense of strength and stability in so many aspects of your life.

Let me know how you go.

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