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Energy Healing and Coaching

You are so much more than what you believe. So much more than what you see and the stories you tell yourself.

You have an abundance of loving potential that is just waiting to be unearthed. Waiting to be recognised and understood.

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing is a way to connect to the truth of who you are and remove the laters of doubt, fear and pain that have been holding you back from the truth of who you truly be. 

It’s time to stop wondering and dreaming. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to fear. 

What lies beyond what you see will amaze you, because YOU ARE AMAZING!

The impact of these spiritual healings has been immediately evident.

Selene has facilitated wonderful energetic healings for me that have been extremely profound and effective.

This process has put me on a trajectory of HEALTHY TRAUMA HEALING, spiritual growth and more connected, meaningful relationships with the people in my life.

This modality has struck a chord somewhere deep inside of me and has been, by far, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND MEANINGFUL TYPE OF THERAPY  that I’ve done to date (and I’ve done a lot of therapy!)


Energy Healing with Selene


Selene Intuitive Healer and Spiritual coach

Spiritaul Healing

with Selene

I am here to show you the way of your Soul.  To lead you to your light and your power. 

To use spiritual energy healing and my intuition to connect you to your Spirit, so you can expand and grow into your true beauty and destiny.

I help you find your path, and I guide and support you along the way.

I am honoured to be given this gift and to serve you on your journey to self-love and empowerment.

I know firsthand how to let go of what was. To let go of pain and blockages and to transform. And I’m here to help you to transform your life too. 


Still not sure if this is for you?

I totally understand.

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to see how we connect

and to ASK ANY QUESTIONS about the process. 

the blog

Selene easily gets to the core wound and adds transformation and liberation to your spiritual growth.


Lift Your Vibration Free e-book

LIFT Your Vibration

FREE e-book

10 easy tweaks you can make to your daily life to lift your vibration and change your vibe!

It’s easier than you think!

Your life and your messages were an inspiration. Thank you for your love, your wisdom and your guidance. Rest in peace Thich Nhat Hanh ...

Connecting to the earth, to the crystal kingdom. So nice to be out of the city and back into nature, in the elements. ...

I've started reading this wonderful book about awe and wonder and finding the light in the darkness.

I'm only a few chapters in and I'm really enjoying it.
Do you have any book recommendations? Factbor fiction I don't mind.

Please please comment below and share what you've loved.

True healing is the unearthing of the beauty and gifts that have been forgotten, lost, locked away and unowned.

Why do we disown parts of self? Especially wonderful amazing parts of who we are?

Sometimes it's unintentional. Sometimes it's a coping mechanism or a way to keep us safe.

Maybe we have been persecuted (in this life, our childhood or even past lives) and we have hidden them away for our own protection.

Or over time we have been led to believe that that is not who we are.

Whatever the reason is not where you should put your focus. But instead, look to how you can love and reclaim that part of self.

By releasing the fear of judgement, the uneasiness of accepting who we are then we not only heal but allow those aspects of self back into our lives.

It's a very powerful and transformative process.

Building a connection with your inner child is one of the most important things you can do. And it's super easy! It basically requires you to have fun and to acknowledge the part of you that is still joyous and playful. the art of you that needs to relax and not be so serious.
Chose one (or all) of the things on the list and try to do it regularly and see how things change. You should definitely feel happier and that has to be a good thing right?
So what makes you happy? What makes you laugh? What are you going to bring into your life to build your connection with your inner child? Put a comment below and let's inspire each other.

Bloom your ass off!
Don't be shy.
You're brautiful

I love helping people. There is no greater joy than being part of someone's journey of healing. Helping them to let go of their pain to gain mastery over their thoughts and emotions.

Erryn's transformation has been so beautiful to watch. Her courage to open her heart, to let go and to learn to love herself has been so inspirational.

If you would like to let go of your pain and see how energy healing can help you then please send me a DM or use the booking link in my bio. I'd love to help you.

Thank you @errynlawson for letting me witness your amazing transformation and growth 🙏💖

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