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Transformative Healing

Welcome to Ignite Your Spirit, where the journey to profound personal transformation begins.

My unique energy healing modality is designed to guide you through a holistic healing process, addressing not just the symptoms but the root causes of your emotional and spiritual pain.

Through a combination of energy healing techniques, intuitive guidance, and personalized support, I aim to empower you in your own healing journey.

I believe that true transformation comes from within. That’s why my approach focuses on connecting you with your inner wisdom and innate power so that you can ignite your spirit and create lasting change in your life. 

Through our transformative energy healing services, you will learn how to release negative emotions and patterns that have been holding you back, activate your own inner light and potential, and align with your true purpose.

Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.



I love how connected she is with the realms around us, calling for divine healing. Her healings are soft, beautiful and leave me feeling instantly rejuvenated. I feel like I’m floating on air, I feel better physically and emotionally, my chakras are aligned and I feel more in touch with who I am on a spiritual level. It sounds crazy but after one single session, I feel like I can achieve anything I desire.


Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing

Transformation is an inside job

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing is a truly powerful and transformative healing modality. It allows you to UNDERSTAND YOURSELF on a much deeper level. You gain insights into yourself and issues in your life and you are able to LET THEM GO.

Chakra cleaning and balancing

When your chakras are blocked and congested or depleted life is tough. Things don’t flow and you struggle to find peace and happiness in your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Once they are cleansed and balanced life is easier and things that seemed so impossible become easier and more managable.

soul contracts

As we travel through this amazing Universe we encounter others and we form relationships and bonds with them. Most of the time we have no recollection as they have mostly happened before we incarnated. But they play a vital role in how our life now is playing out. They can block us from things that we want and create problems with people in our lives. But we can easily clear them and the negative effects they are having on your life. 

meet your inner child

If there ever was a relationship you needed to nurture and love this is it!! Working with your inner child is a total game-changer. It has hands down been the most pivotal and powerful tool I have seen time and time again to create deep lasting change in the people I work with. She is the key, the holder of your truth and the one who knows what you need and how to get it.

past life clearing

We have lived so many lives before this one. We have done good things and not-so-great things too. That’s the nature of our time here on earth school. It’s not good or bad and there is no judgement.  But what we have done and who we have hurt can play it in this life in the same way soul contracts do. So we need to clean up the past, ask for forgiveness and let it all go. Another game changer on your path of spiritual development and path to self love and acceptance. 

cutting cords

Every time you interact with someone you create a crowd of energy between you and them. The more you interact the stronger the cords get. Energy flows through these cords and this is how we can leak energy or have it taken from us. This is why we can’t let go of someone or why it may feel like that have a hold over you. We need to cut those babies of!!

shime your light

The time for hiding is over! The time for playing small is no more! It’s time to let go of your limitations, your doubts and your fears and discover who you really are. It’s time to own your truth and to shine!

energy Healing with Selene


It's time to be YOU!

Hi I’m Selene, I’m an intuitive energy healer and I’m here to help you cut through all the noise and confusion. All the doubts and the fears so you can find true happiness and joy in your life.

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing ® allows you to go deep within, beyond the mind into your subconscious. To a place where you can truly let go on a cellular and neurological level.

Affirmations and positive self-talk are all very good but if your energy body (chakras) and your mind hold negative and beliefs then they will block you from achieving what you desire.

During an Ignite your Spirit Energy Healing the true nature of your issues will reveal themselves.  You will be given insight and guidance from your guides and your Soul. 

Things that you thought were done or could never be healed begin to fade and you find peace. 

You learn who you are beneath all the walls and shadows and you learn to step into the light and into your power.

You and your life will change – for the better. 

Guided healing meditation

Ignite your spirit

Energy Healing


How it works

Energy healing at Harmony Balance Health

1. Step into a SACRED SPACE

Pour out your heart in a safe and nurturing space.

Express your fears, your disappointments and your pain. 

Be vulnerable and OPEN YOUR HEART.

And know that you are safe.

Honour your truth.

Tell me your HOPES AND DREAMS. 

And all the things you have locked and hidden inside. 

Paint a picture of where you have been, and where you want to go. 

Lay it all out.


2. Open your heart & LET GO

Connect to YOUR GUIDES,  Soul, your Spirit, your Higher Self.

Feel them surrounding and supporting you.

Holding you and SENDING YOU LOVE.

Know that you are never alone. 

Engage with the energy of healing and transformation.


Erase and release the thoughts and energies that are holding your pain. 

Holding you back.


let go of your pain with energy healing


Feel your power, your beauty and your love.

Discover YOUR TRUTH, your strength, your wisdom.

Find your answers.

Call YOUR SPIRIT and your energy back.

Feel yourself re-energised and whole.

Rise above the past and INTO A NEW YOU.

Into your Higher Self, into your truth.

See your potential.

Create HAPPY, HEALTHY thoughts and energies.

Bring them into your reality.

Ground them into your life.

Drink it in and BE TRANSFORMED.


Work with me

one on one energy healing to open your heart and transform your life

Ignite Your Spirit

Energy Healing

Each session is unique and beautifully transformative. 

 Cleanse, balance and realign your chakras

  Release heavy stuck energies 

 Erase negative and limiting beliefs

 Reprogram your mind with positive and empowering intentions

 Align yourself with the life you want to create

 Learn tools and techniques to help you stay true to your dreams

60-minutes $130  ($65 concession)

3 x 60-minute package $350 (save $40)

6 x 60- minute package $685 (save $95)

Or are you looking for something deeper?

For the searcher

Spiritual Coaching

Take your healing to the next level

Spiritual coaching combines energy healing, life coaching and spiritual mentoring to go deep on your journey of transformational self-discovery.

  Weekly Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing 

♥  Build a profound, lasting and transformative connection with your Self and your Soul.

  Set goals and create a roadmap to your new life

  Worksheets and tasks to keep you focused and on track 

Consistency and commitment are key to deep change and why coaching programs and so effective.  

Why scratch the surface when you can go deep and create profound change?

Spiritual Coaching Programs
Energy Healing FAQs



Yes absolutely. Cleaning, balancing and harmonising your chakras and aura are all part of the service! 

Energy healing works directly with your chakras and your aura as they are all created with energy. The energy of all your thoughts, memories and emotions sit in your chakras and through energy healing, we are able to release all the stuck and negative energies that are sitting in the chakras so they no longer influence your thoughts and actions.

Yes. Past lives play a big role in your relationships, your thoughts and beliefs and therefore your life. 

When you UNDERSTAND WHERE YOUR PROBLEMS ARE COMING FROM and clear the issues that have caused them, you can find so much peace and new possibilities in your life.

Through energy healing I am able to TAP INTO PAST LIFE EVENTS and even people from your past lives to gain insights into how past events are playing out now in your life. 

We are also able to BREAK CONTRACTS that were taken that are now holding you back or influencing you in negative ways. 

Yes, I call in YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES so they can guide and protect the session. 

I also REMOVE DARK SPIRITS from your energy field so they can no longer create negative or unpleasant situations in your life.


Both Reiki and Energy healing use universal ENERGY OF LOVE AND LIGHT to create change in your mind, body and spirit. 

But unlike Reiki, YOU ARE FULLY INVOLVED and part of the process. I am talking to you throughout the session instructing you to use your voice and breath to assist with the healing.

We are communicating and unravelling your subconscious together and It is a VERY EMPOWERING process.

You walk out TRULY UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF  on a much greater level. 

It all depends on how deep you want to go. And how much change you want to create. Healing is like unravelling the tapestry of your life and creating new threads to weave a new story.

Some people come, go hard and then leave. But most look at it like discovering and maintaining a garden. Giving it a good clean and then weeding it every month or whenever things pop up.

You usually need more sessions more often at the beginning to remove the major weeds and uncover the golden temple hidden beneath – you. 

Once you have discovered who you are and where you want to go you become the creator of your life and the fun really begins.

I ask for 24-hour notice. Good karma for you.

Still not sure if this is for you?

I totally understand.

Click the button below and we can arrange


to see how we connect and to ask any questions about the process. 

“If you want a new outcome, 

you will have to break 

the habit of being yourself, 

and reinvent a new self.”

Joe Dispenza

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