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Ignite your Spirit?

Are you ready to connect to your Soul and step into the full expression of who you really are? Are you ready to let go of your past and believe in yourself? Are you ready for a new you?


Ignite your Spirit
Light up your life

Do you want…

Transform your life with Ignite Your Spirit energy healing

It's all about you!

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing ® takes you deep within your self and connects you with your Soul and your truth, your Satchitananda.

It lifts you out of your everyday consciousness to a place where deep healing can take place.

Your heart opens and learns to let go. 

Barriers to love, acceptance and happiness are removed 

Lifetimes of pain are transformed, as you peel away the layers of discomfort that have wrapped themselves around you.  

Relationships are mended. 

Wounds begin to heal.

And you are transformed.

You learn who you really are, and what you can really be.

And you learn to see yourself as the divine being you truly are.

Ignite your spirit

Change your world


How it works

1. Step into a sacred space

Pour out your heart in a safe and nurturing space.

Express your fears, your disappointments and your pain. 

Be vulnerable and open your heart.

And know that you are safe.

Honour your truth.

Tell me your hopes and your dreams. 

And all the things you have locked and hidden inside. 

Paint a picture of where you have been, and where you want to go. 

Lay it all out.

So it can be healed and transformed.

2. Open your heart and let go.

Connect to your Soul, your Spirit, your Higher Self, your guides.

Feel them surrounding and supporting you.

Holding you and sending you love.

Know that you are never alone. 

Engage with the energy of healing and transformation.

And be bathed in the light.

Erase and release the thoughts and energies that are holding your pain. 

Holding you back.

Let it all go.

let go of your pain with energy healing

3. Be elevated to new levels of consciousness.

Feel your power, your beauty and your love.

Discover your truth, your strength, your wisdom.

Find your answers.

Call your Spirit and your energy back.

Feel yourself re-energised and whole.

Rise above the past and into a new you.

Into your Higher Self, into your truth.

See your potential.

Create happy, health thoughts and energies.

Bring them into your reality.

Ground them into your life.

Drink it in and be transformed.


Work with me

one on one energy healing to open your heart and transform your life

For the Dreamer

Energy Healing

Your Soul is waiting for you 

♥ Start your journey of healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

♥ Let go of heavy stuck energies, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears and pain.

♥ Find the strength to stand in your power

♥ Find true harmony, balance and health in your life.

♥ Connect your mind, body and spirit and allow yourself to be who you truly are.

♥ Learn tools and techniques to use in your everyday life. Tools of empowerment and self-love. 

60-minutes $130 *

3 x 60-minute package $350 *

Couple healings are also available.

Tell me more

*  Concessions are always available

**  All services are via Video Call. 

For the searcher

Spiritual Coaching

Take your healing to the next level

Spiritual coaching combines energy healing, life coaching and spiritual mentoring to go deep on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

♥ Weekly Ignite Your Spirit energy healings + spiritual coaching

♥ Build a profound, lasting and transformative connection with your Self and your Soul.

♥ Set goals and create a roadmap to your new life

♥ Be fully supported along the way

Consistency and commitment are key to deep change and breakthroughs and why coaching programs are so effective. 

Why scratch the surface when you can go deep and create profound change?

Spiritual Coaching Programs



Yes absolutely. Cleaning, balancing and harmonising your chakras and aura are all part of the service! 

Yes. Past lives play a big role in your relationships, your thoughts and beliefs and therefore your life. 

When you understand when your problems are stemming from and clear the issues that have caused them, you can find so much peace and new possibilities in your life 

Yes, I use Spirits of Light and Love to guide us and protect us through the healing.

I also remove negative, dark spirits from your energy field so they can no longer create negative or unpleasant situations in your life.

I pull in energy and use it to clear and balance your energy system. But unlike Reiki, I am talking to you throughout the session instructing you to use your voice and breath to assist with the healing. I  check to see if what I am perceiving makes sense to you and we unpack all massages together. It is a very empowering process.

It all depends on how deep you want to go. And how much change you want to create. Healing is like unravelling the tapestry of your life and creating new threads to weave a new story.

Some people come, go hard and then leave. But most look at it like discovering and maintaining a garden. Giving it a good clean and then weeding it every month or whenever things pop up.

You usually need more sessions more often at the beginning to remove the major weeds and uncover the golden temple hidden beneath – you. 

Once you have discovered who you are and where you want to go you become the creator of your life and the fun really begins.

I ask for 24-hour notice. Good karma for you.

Still not sure if this is for you?

I totally understand.

Click the button below and we can arrange


to see how we connect and to ask any questions about the process. 

“If you want a new outcome, 

you will have to break 

the habit of being yourself, 

and reinvent a new self.”

Joe Dispenza

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