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I literally felt a new version of myself emerging during the session.


When I sat in the chair in Selene’s healing room, she made me feel totally at ease and guided me gracefully into a deep meditative state.

Soon I felt like I was in the centre of a vortex of energy. It felt like there was a powerful battery inside of me that was radiating electricity out all around me.

She asked me questions about areas of my life that I felt challenged by and she created new possibilities for managing them.

She gave me access to new ways of being in which the challenges I was dealing with no longer felt like challenges.

The feeling of being a radiant vortex of energy stayed with me for days, and the issues that had been bothering me before just felt smaller and more manageable.

I left feeling expansive, light and empowered.

It was a very special and unique experience for which I’m very grateful.


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