Guided Energy Healing


we are made of energy

A journey of the Soul

The energy healing meditations I offer are guided by me, your soul and the Universe.

I connect to source, your soul and your guides, and what happens is an unfolding mystery of love, and light fill adventures.

You are taken on a journey of your Soul. Through gateways into other dimensions, into the stars, into the Earth. 

Anything is possible.

Be given guidance and answers to questions and problems that have been troubling you. Blockages are released, your chakras are realigned.

Step into new Possibilities

You are shown different realities and opportunities for your life. You learn to see yourself and the Universe as they truly are.

You learn to find peace within yourself.

And you soon see this inner peace reflected in your life and those around you.

And from that space comes great knowledge and transformation.

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.” 

Paramhamsa Yogananda


Free Weekly Meditations

Connect to your tribe

Join a group of Soul searchers and be supported along your journey of transformation and expansion.

Share your stories, make friends and be part of a community.

Meditations and inspiration added weekly.

Sound healing

Meditation on waves of Sound

Guided Sound Baths

Guided energy healing meditations combined with the sounds of crystal bowls and are a magical experience. Sound baths are magical meditative journey on waves of sound.

You are transported into another level of consciousness and given access to worlds and dimensions you have never before explored.

 The sounds of the crystal bowls penetrate deep within your chakras and create deep change.


Sound baths will be up and running again very soon.



No worries. I will guide you and hold you all the way. Once the energy and light begin to flow you will be swept along ad all you’ll need to do is close your eyes and relax.

That’s ok. It’s not a silent meditation. You will be focused on my voice and I will guide you through the process.

Yes. Music helps the process. I will be guided to play particular songs or chants, singing bowls, chakra chimes and drums.

Yes. My partner has an extensive collection of crystal and singing bowls, as well as drums, chime snd bells.

Just mention you want a sound bath when you book

I offer both. One on one meditations can be arranged easily. Just send me a message or give me a call to arrange it.

Selene’s treatments are absolutely beautiful and so powerful. I would highly recommend you contact this special spiritual healer



connect to your soul

If you would like to organise a guided energy healing meditation for yourself, a group of friends or your organisation please fill in the form below.

Please note if you would like the meditation combined with a Sound Bath, access needs to be easy and accessible as we will bring a large variety of heavy crystal bowls.

Self-Love Journal Freebie

Uncover your TRUE WORTH

A FREE 7-page Self-Love workbook.

Discover your abilities, beauty and value. Learn to love and accept the gifts you have to offer. 

Learn to see yourself as the goddess you are!

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