How to cut energetic cords and call your power back


self love and empowerment programEvery time you interact with another person you create energetic cords with them. The more you interact with the person the stronger the cords become.

They send information to your etheric body, your chakras and your mind. The cords can hold all sorts of different energies and vibrations and it is so important to cut the cords and call your power back on a regular basis.

You don’t need to be with the person either, just thinking about them can build the connection and strengthen the cords.

You know how after seeing some people, speaking to them on the phone, massaging them or even thinking about them you can feel a bit ‘not yourself’? Maybe they didn’t mention they were feeling a certain way but after the interaction, you feel different from them before. That’s because you are connected to them energetically and energy can travel through time and space in an instant.

That is also why distant healings are so effective.

They can be from any chakra. I’ve seen them all over my client’s bodies. Often thicker in the navel or the chakra that relates to the relationship and issues you have with them

So how do you know if you need to cut cords?

The short answer is – because you are human. Unless you live in a cave and have no contact with other people you need to cut cords.

But some signs to be on the lookout for are –

  • you feel tired and drained

    • this can be because they are literally sicking the energy out of you! Some people are energy vampires. They don’t (usually) do this intentionally and often have no idea that they are doing it. Often they unconsciously feel your positive and higher vibrational energy and it feels good. They are drawn to it and it travels through the cord and lifts them up.

Draining relationships


  • you feel emotions that are not yours

    • when you connect with other people through these energetic cords your emotions are shared between your chakras and your aura. Any emotions that they are feeling can be transferred to you.

  • your feelings towards a person are unusually strong

    • So the first thing to say here is LOVE IS GOOD. You can never have too much of it and you can never cut cords of love between people. And why would you want to?
    • BUT you can and must cut cords if you are feeling any negative, heavy or unwelcome vibes from another person.

So now what??

Well, you cut them of course! Like a ninja!

Oh yeah, baby! And let’s not just cut the cords lets go of the whole hog and call you power back.

Why? Remember the energy vampire thing? Remember how you are feeling their feelings and energy and all that? Well, they are too so that means they have your energy too. That’s why you literally feel drained!

So let’s go

How to cut energetic cords and call your power back

sword for cutting cords

  1. Find a nice quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. ( though sometimes I’ve done this in the bathroom or even very covertly at my desk at work. Sometimes you just gotta act and not muck around with these things)
  2. Take a few deep breaths and come into your centre.
  3. If angels are your thing you can call on Archangel Michael to help you. He has a massive sword that he loves to help you cut cords with. Think about eh person. ( If that causes you stress then just intend your cutting the cords with them)
  4. If you can feel where the cords are, then focus on there. If you can perceive them that’s cool just do the whole body.
  5. Raise your hand above your head and with your utmost intention sweep your hand down your body imagining you are cutting all the cords between you and the intended person.
  6. Do this several times until you feel it’s done.
  7. Then say ” I call my power back.
  8. Breath in and imagine your energy returning to you.
  9. Breath normally.
  10. Give thanks to Archangel Michael if he was there or just than the Universe for this gift of healing.

call your power back

So there you go. A nice, pretty simple, technique you can use every day to keep your energy your and other people’s theirs. 

If you find that you are still experiencing some form of negative connection with the person come and see me as it could be a past life contract that needs breaking. 


Cut cords and call your power back

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