How to raise your vibration and improve your wellbeing

How to raise your vibration and improve your wellbeing

 9 simple ways to raise your vibration

Raising your vibration has a very positive effect on your physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

The higher our vibration, the better life is, we feel lighter and brighter and things flow. When we are in a low vibrational state, there is a heaviness to life, and our days are full of challenges.
It rises and falls depending on how we are thinking, and feeling. But we can control it and learn to keep it and our self in harmony and balance.
Our vibration is determined by the way we live our life and how we respond to the world around us.
The good news is that we can change our vibration!
We can release ourselves from the things that weigh us down and float up into love, bliss and joy.
How do we do this? Well, there are a few well-tried and tested ways.

1. Spend time in nature

spend time in nature to cleanse your mind and energy filed
Nature is full of high vibrational energy and that is why we feel so good when we are in it. It nurtures our soul and cleanses and purifies our mind and emotions.
Taking walks in nature, having picnics in the forest, camping in the bush, swimming in the ocean and detaching ourselves from technology all are highly cleansing and purifying.

2. Watch your thoughts

keep your thoughts positive to create more positivity in your life
Don’t let life bring you down. Rise above the dross and keep your head up.
Easier said than done I hear you say!
That is true, but it can be done, and it all comes down to awareness and self-discipline. By coming more aware you will start to notice patterns and trigger points and be able to work with them in an effective way. If you find yourself being negative just forgive yourself and move on.
Appreciate the good in people, see the value in things, even life’s difficult lessons. Be gracious and humble, give and forgive. Download a gratitude app, keep a journal be mindful.

3. Get regular healings

energy healings to raise your vibration
When you have an energy healing your vibration naturally lifts as it is there that the real magic happens. You see things from a different perspective and learn to deal with your problems.
You release low vibrational energies and emotions, negative patterns and stories and you become lighter and brighter. Up up up you go!
Energy healings have been one of the biggest game-changers in my life!

4. Watch what you watch

keep your mind clear by avoiding negative TV and movies
So many movies people watch today are very low vibrational, they are junk food not only for your mind but also your energy body. Your mind does not need to see violence and to be held in fear, this will just create these energies within you and make your energy body, and your vibration plummet.
Watch happy, “uplifting” movies and TV instead. They will make you feel good and lift you up. laughing is good for the soul, joy is one of the highest vibrational states.
This goes for music as well!
Don’t sing along to songs that are negative. Your subconscious doesn’t thrive from hearing or speaking those words. They are damaging you.
Find happy, positive, empowering songs.
Or chant. Chanting has been a spiritual practice for centuries. It is a form of meditation and a way to keep your mind focused on positivity.

5. Spend time with positive people

Positive people lift you up
You know those people who suck the energy out of you? The ones who love to complain and see everything as a challenge or having a catch. Those people are not good for us emotionally or energetically.
They poison our minds and before you know it you are speaking the same language, looking at people’s faults, complaining about life and bringing yourself down.
Happy, positive people, however, give you the opportunity to shine, to see the good in others and life. They know how to laugh and to have fun. They don’t let life get on top of them, they roll with the punches, accept the challenges and focus on the good.

6. Eat clean healthy food for a higher vibration

eat healthy food to raise your vibration
According to Ayurveda and the ancient rishis of India, all food has different levels of Prana (energy). Processed, junk and fast food not only lacks nutrition it is very low in vibration. It fills us and gives us temporary satisfaction but little else.
Clean food that is free of pesticides and chemicals on the other hand is not only highly nutritious for our physical body but it is bursting with Prana and nourishes our spirit.
If you scan the energy of junk food and then scan the energy of fresh food the difference really is palpable.

7. Meditate

meditate to raise your vibration
Just like when you have an energy healing, as you meditate your vibration lifts and you assess the higher realms of consciousness. The more you meditate the more you are able to cultivate a new higher vibrational resting place.

8. Move your body

move your body to raise your vibration
Energy can stagnate and become heavy. By exercising, dancing and having massages will move the energy through your body allowing you to release blocks and heaviness. Regular exercise makes you feel lighter, fresher and healthier which in turn lifts your vibration up.
So give these things a try and see how you go. The more you do them and the more consistent you are the more you still start to create a new resting vibration for yourself. You will still have challenges, that’s how we grow after all, but they will not drag you now so much. And when you do get dragged down you will find that you bounce back easier.
So what about you?
What do you do to keep yourself floating in a higher vibration, experiencing life from an easier place? Please let me know in the comments below.
Selene xx

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