Distance energy healing: How does it work?

Distance energy healing- How does it work?Energy travels across time and space faster than the speed of light. This very cool fact is why distant energy healings work.

What are distant energy healings I hear you ask?

Well, they are just the same as regular face to face energy healings only they are done online.

So so helpful when you live far from your therapist or…are in the middle of a global pandemic and possibly in lockdown.

Insert sad face 🙁

Or should that be a happy face? It has opened up our minds to new ways of interacting and accessing people and services that were never part of the mainstream before. 

Everything has a silver lining as they say and I guess online healings have been one of the slivers of silver that have come out of having the world thrown into chaos. 

How do distant energy healings work?

They work just the same as a regular energy healing, just you are in your home and I’m in mine.

I use Zoom or WhatsApp to connect to you via video. or of your connection of not great, we can go just speak over the phone. Though I do prefer to connect with you visually if possible. 

The sessions have 4 parts

Stage one

The first part of the session is spent talking about what is going on with you and your life.

We discuss issues you are having, things you would like to look into and things you would like to change. You choose some specific areas you wish to work with and then we begin.

distant energy healing stage one

Stage two

This is the releasing stage. You will be directed to say certain release commands and use your breath to release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. As you do this I will clear out our chakras and limiting beliefs from your Ajna chakra and mind. 

I might introduce you to your inner child to gain a better understanding of where things are coming from and how to release them.

Or you might have to clean some past life contracts or events. Anything is possible.

There are so many ways negative energy can become part of your psyche so there are many different processes that can be used to clear them.

remote energy healing works

Stage three

Now it’s time to lift you up! 

Now that all the negativity has been unearthed and removed it’s time to create high vibrational positive vibes in your chakras and energy body.

And it’s time to finish the reprogramming that we started in stage two. You will be given positive affirmations to say and as you do so I will add energy so they take hold. This is high vibrational mind-altering goodness that will change your life!

Your guides might send me messages to deliver or they may be placed in your chakras or mind and will be ‘communicated’ to you at some time in the future. At the perfect time of course!

And to make you feel even more blissful the session ends with you being bathed in golden healing energy for protection and further activation. 

blissed out

Each healing is unique and you will receive exactly what you are meant to receive at the time for the healing you require.  

You may cry tears of pain as you release deeply held negative emotions. You may cry tears of joy as your heart opens to more love.

Part 4

After the healing, we will talk again to discuss what came up through the healing. You will be given techniques to help you integrate the healing.

I will then contact you within 48 hours to check in with you and see that you are doing well.  If for any reason you are feeling unstable I will give you a quick healing of no charge to re-balance and stabilize your mind and energy field.

The good things about distant energy healings

distant energy healing

  • you can do them in your PJs (that’s Aussie for pyjamas)
  • you don’t have to leave your home
  • you don’t have to travel (ok kinda the same as the last one but also different)
  • if you have a big expansion or a very deep emotional shift you are home. So you can curl up into a little ball and process what happened. This is a big, big benefit!
  • the healer (me) is more easily available (see above reasons for explanation)
  • if it’s raining you don’t have to …yep you guessed it…leave home 🙂

2020 created this opportunity. Although I have been offering distant healings for ages people are now so sued to Zoom and other platforms and alternative ways to access services. It has changed the word of therapy and I am forever grate ful for that.   

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