Why your inner child is the key to your happiness

Your inner child is the key to your happiness

Your inner child is the most beautiful little being. She is a part of you that lives within you. SHE KNOWS ALL YOUR SECRETS all your dreams, your hopes and your fears. Your inner child holds the key to everything!

They are the key to UNLOCKING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS and helping you to grow and heal.

Your inner child is not you when you were a child, but a child version of your current self, ALL YOUR EMOTIONS, HOPES AND FEARS. All your experiences from this lifetime and all others. They have been with you the whole time.

They know you incredibly well.

By connecting to them you are able to achieve deep healing and transformation because they have a much better understanding of who you really are than you do.

They have experienced everything you have, since your birth, and even before. And unlike you, they have not disconnected from, or buried certain experiences, especially painful ones. SHE REMEMBERS IT ALL and holds the feeling associated with them

They have full access to every thought and emotion you have ever had.

Help from the inside

During a healing, I will lead you through an exercise to connect with your Inner Child.

She (or he) might be ready and willing to meet you or they might be shy and hide.  This is nothing to worry about, it just means we need to do some work to build HER TRUST and develop a relationship with them.

I will show you how to build this relationship during the session and in your daily life.

Once trust has been established, they will reveal a whole world of things to you.

And this is when BIG SHIFTS are possible.

They are often very keen to release trauma and pain and heal wounds. Their ability to TRANSFORM your inner landscape and the world around you is quite extraordinary.

She will show you parts of yourself that you have forgotten and they will show you your strengths and beauty. 

And they will love your fiercely!

You will never feel alone and you will learn to nurture and love yourself in a way that is deeply healing and empowering.

Your Inner child is key to self-love and personal growth.

When you connect with yourself on this very deep level you start to fulfil your own needs.

You feel content and loved, appreciated and valued and we no longer seek these things from outside of ourselves.

And you know your voice is being heard and that your needs and fears are being listened to.

You no longer feel the need for validation from others as you start to understand that true validation can only come from within.

Your inner child is the key to your healing and development

Your Inner Voice

All the things you read about, about how to listen to yourself, how to love yourself all makes so much more sense when you are connected with your inner child.

And it’s so much easier to find your inner guidance because she is your inner guide.  She can communicate directly with your Soul!

When you are lost and don’t know what you want in life, ask your inner child. When you are confused, unbalanced and out of sorts check in with your inner child and you will be surprised at what they will tell you.

She joins the dots, she gives you insights that you never thought possible.

They shine a light into the dark depths of your unconscious so you can see what needs to be healed, addressed or acknowledged.

She really is YOUR MOST POWERFUL ALLY, your best friend and your greatest love.

But it does take practice and commitment. As with everything and all relationships it does take time.

Once you have established this connection you will find it is the most important relationship you could ever build. After all, what is more important than the relationship you have with yourself?

If you would like to meet your inner child or rekindle a relationship with her that has been lost please get in touch. I would love to help you grow this most precious of relationships and what you both bloom into your full potential. 

Reconnect with the most important person in your life – YOU!

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