Why chakras are the key to manifesting

Whyathe cahkras are teh key to manifesting your dreams

Have you tried affirmations and vision boards only to find they don’t really work for you? Or have you been able to manifest what you want only to have it slip through your fingers? That’s because chakras and manifesting go hand in hand!

Your chakras are like cups or storage containers. The bigger and cleaner they are the more they can hold.

Each chakra is related to different aspects of your physical, emotional spiritual body. If they are strong and healthy and in alignment then manifesting will be easy.

But if your chakras are not healthy and strong. Or if they are holding thoughts and beliefs that are blocking what you are trying to manifest, then it will be very difficult to get what you want. 

Evaluating your chakra for manifesting

Before you go any further I want you to think of all your thoughts and beliefs about money, abundance and creating a life you love and enjoy.

Make 2 lists – positive and negative beliefs.

As you read through the information on the different chakras I want you to make a note next to the beliefs on your list that indicate what chakra the belief relates to. This will help you to start to paint a picture of which chakras you need to focus on for each belief. 

So let’s have a look at each chakra the role it plays in not only creating your dreams but holding them. 

The Base Chakra

Base Chakra and manifesting

This is your prosperity chakra. So as you can imagine it is a pretty important chakra when it comes to manifestation.

If your base chakra is small and you are trying to manifest abundance, a new car or lots of money then it’s not going to be easy to bring this through. 

And if your beliefs about abundance are not good then you will not have much luck either.

Things to think about:

There are so many ways we can think about wealth. I grew up in the 80s when it was all about money and power and then the 90’s hit and money was seen as a sign of evil and greed.

Imagine if you are holding that energy? You are going to find it very hard to allow yourself to be wealthy if you have that view of financially successful people.

So sit quietly and think about your attitudes to wealth and financial security.

  • What are your attitudes to people with money? Do you admire them, are you jealous of them? Do you think they are bad, lucky, arrogant, selfish? 
  • Do you think money corrupts or is evil?
  • What do you think of power and success?
  • How much do you trust yourself with money?

How to manifest with the Base Chakra

  • Clean the chakra of any limiting thoughts and beliefs about money and abundance.
  • Energise positive thoughts around abundance and financial security.
  • visualise your base chakra growing in size and strength so it can hold all those dreams.

The Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Our Sacral Chakra is your chakra of creativity, desire and attraction. All the things you need to engage if you want to ‘create’ your dreams. 

So to create things that we dream of, you need to be able to imagine something different or even just to imagine what you want. Without this how can you even begin to create your dreams?

  • Are you good at imagining? At creating?
  • How attractive do you feel?
  • Are you good at attracting people, things and circumstances into your life?
  • What are your desires? 
  • Can you see what you want and see it coming to you?

If these are not clear and strong then things will not flow as smoothly. 

How to manifest with the Sacral Chakra

  • Clean out any limiting beliefs around being able to create your dreams and attract things into your life.
  • Visualise your dreams coming true.
  • hold positive energy in your sacral chakra and imagine it growing and expanding so it can hold the energy of your creative dreams. See it becoming magnetic and attracting your desires.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra and manifesting

Our Solar Plexus Chakra is where your self-worth or lack of it is found. You can say your affirmation and create your vision board but if you don’t believe you are worthy of what you are asking for it will be very hard to manifest.

Sometimes this idea that you are not worthy is unconscious so it can be even trickier to work with if you don’t know it’s there.

But you need to have a solid belief in yourself and feel worthy of the things you are trying to create or it’s just not going to work.

  • What are your beliefs bout yourself and your worth?
  • Do you think you are worthy of good things?
  • How often do you put yourself down?
  • Do you compare yourself unfavourably to others?
  • What about thinking ‘I’ll never be rich/successful/get what I want?

People who succeed and do well have a strong belief in self and a good strong Sacral Chakra to hold their dreams. 

How to manifest with the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • release any limiting beliefs around low self-worth.
  • see yourself worthy of the things you dream of having.
  • see the chakra growing in size, strength and the power of self-belief.

The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Gratitude is like a magnet to pulling in more good things. So if you are in your heart and grateful for the things you have then the Universe will acknowledge your appreciation and send you more. 

This is why gratitude journals are so effective. And why a lot of affirmation work uses very strong wording that evokes a feeling of gratitude and self-love. 

So to get what you want be grateful for everything, even the small things. 

  • How much do you love yourself? On a sale of 1 – 10?
  • Are you grateful for the things you have?
  • Do you live from a place of love and gratitude?

How to manifest with the Heart Chakra

  • hold gratitude in your heart for all the things you have been given.
  • see yourself being showed with loving energy from your guides, the universe and yourself.
  • visulise your heart chakra expanding 

The throat chakra

Throat Chakra

This is a more practical chakra when it comes to manifesting your dreams. It is the chakra of organisation and communication.

Of course, it would be wonderful if your dreams just dropped out of the sky and sometimes they do, but other times you need to give them a bit of help in the physical world.

If you want a new job then you are going to have to either apply for it in some way. Maybe you talk about your desires until they reach the right ears. Or maybe you update your CV or do a course to help things along.

And that is where the throat chakra comes in. You might need to put something into action to get the process moving. 

And we might need to use your voice to verbalise what you want or don’t want.

  • are you organised and able to do the work needed in the physical world to pull through your dreams?
  • do you verbalise what you want?
  • How do you talk about money, wealth and abundance?

How to manifest with the Throat Chakra

  • .release all resistance to doing the practical work needed to assist in the manifestation of your dreams.
  • Release resistance to saying what you want, even if it is just to yourself.
  • see your chakra expanding and growing to hold the energy of your dreams.

The Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra

This is your chakra of visioning, dreams and will. Just like how you need your sacral chakra to create our dreams we need our Anjna chakra to hold the vision. They kind of work together on this.

And sometimes your dreams may take a while to manifest. But just keep your will strong and focused and you will up your chances of getting what you want. 

  • Can you see the future you want?
  • Can you imagine the life you are dreaming of? 
  • Do you have the will to hold your dreams and not be disillusioned by the trials of life that may test your will?

How to manifest with the Ajna Chakra

  • release any blocks to holding the vision of your dreams.
  • release any resistance to having the will to hold onto your dreams.
  • see your chakra growing and expanding to hold your vision.

The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

This is your chakra of believing and connecting with a Higher Power. Your ability to transcend the physical world and bring through the miracles.

You need it big time!

Do you believe

  • in angels and spirit guides?
  • in magic?
  • there is something that is listening to your prayers and your affirmations?
  • do you trust the universe?

How to manifest with the Crown Chakra

  • release any doubts you have in your guides and the Divine and their ability to help you.
  • Release any residence to accepting miracles into your life.
  • See your chakra expanding and growing to hold the energy of love and light.

Manifesting blockages in the chakras

So as you can see your chakras play a big role in manifesting. 

The information I have given you will definitely help to align your charkas more with what you want. 

I have also created an easy to follow guide to cleansing and balancing your chakras yourself which you can use along with the information outlined here.

You can also book in for a session with me and we can clear your chakras and energise your intentions with high vibrational loving energy. 

I’ve seen massive shifts in people who I have worked within this way. Miracles do happen but they happen much more easily with a little help.

Good luck with it all

Selene xx

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