Energetic well-being: How to Cleanse and balance your Chakras

energetic wellbeing

Cleansing your chakras is essential to your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

All people and places are made of energy and as we go about our daily activities we not only interact with people through sight and sound but we also can pick up on their energy.

Hospitals, for example, are a mixture of the positive energies of hope, love and caring but they are also heavy with stress, worry and fear. Shopping malls, public transport, offices anywhere there are a lot of people there is a lot of energy that is not ours. When we spend time in these places our energy body mixes with all these energies and we need to release them.

Go into nature, have a drive in the countryside and you can feel the difference. There are fewer people so the energy is purer you feel better, you can think clearer because you are not affected by other peoples energies as much. And this is where salt baths are useful as they clean your energy body, removing other peoples energies and help you feel better.

It’s like the subtle and silent planting of unconscious thoughts and emotions into your unconscious mind.

Chakra cleansing Meditation

meditation for unconscious mind

This meditation is the ‘blueprint’ for the healings to follow. Use the tool eg sage, and crystals in the same way. Follow the chakras release and cleanse. Then add positive energy. Simple!

  1. Start at the base of your spine and move up through each chakra.
  2. Intend that you can breathe the cleansing properties of the tool you are using into the chakra.
  3. Then intend that you can release any negative energies from the chakra. 
  4. Once the chakra has been cleansed breathe the cleansing properties in and say a positive affirmation connected to the chakra you are working on. 
  5. Move to the next chakra and repeat

Use this technique with Sage/ Palo Santo, crystals, UV light and sound. 

Sage and Palo Santo

cleansing with sage

Most people know about these two. Another gift from Mother Nature. God, I love her! She is full of gifts just waiting to be discovered.

Luckily we had many wise people come before us and discover the healing properties of these plants.

They are simple to use. Choose the one you wish to use and light it and then move it around your body and imagine you can breathe in its cleansing properties into the chakras. Refer to the meditation above as the technique is the same.

Ultraviolet Light

Ultra Violet Light is what I use during an energy healing and it has very powerful cleansing properties.  

Imagine you can open your crown chakra at the top of your head. Now imagine you can pull in UV light and flush it through your body.

Follow the chakra cleansing technique above and use your breath with the light for a truly powerful cleanse.  


crystals for chakra balancing

Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties and for good reason. They are very powerful and are a great tool for cleansing your chakras.

There are so many books and websites devoted to them.  And I am no master so will just give you a few basic ones for each chakra here. 

Each chakra has a corresponding colour and the crystals mostly relate to that colour. 

Crystals for chakra balancing


Put the crystal on the chakra it relates to. Imagine it cleansing the chakra. Follow the chakra cleansing meditation above as a guide.

Salt baths


But did you know that adding salt to your bath will cleanse your aura and chakras?

Salt baths are great as a regular practice to keep your etheric body clean and to remove energies that we pick up throughout the day, as we interact with other people and move through environments that may have a lot of negative energies.

We all love to lay in a nice warm bath to ease away stress and relieve tension from our minds and body.

I use Himalayan pink salt and find it best to buy the fine grain as it dissolves the best. I buy mine from health or whole foods stores. If you can’t find Himalayan salt use sea, rock or any other natural salt, just be sure not to use iodized salt as it is not something you should be used internally or externally.

I like to add some sesame oil and essential oils to the bath as well so that my skin doesn’t become too dry.

This is especially important in winter or if you have Vata in your constitution like me and are prone to dry skin. When I don’t have access to a bath or am short on time I use it as a salt scrub in the shower. 

Aim to have a salt bath or salt scrub at least once a week to remove any unwanted energies.

It’s also good to have one after any therapy, be it bodywork, a detox, psychotherapy or any other therapy that allows you to release stored emotions and toxins from your body.

After a fight or a particularly stressful day is also good as it will help you to move through your thoughts and emotions and let the situation go more easily.

Ocean Cleanse

This is basically just a big natural salt bath. Nature knows what she’s doing!

I definitely feel different in summer when I’m regularly going to the beach and getting in that cleansing salty water. 


Sounds are very powerful and healing. Just as a song can lift you up or bring you down an individual sound or mantra can have the same effect. 

Each chakra has a sound that resonates with it and can be used to purify them.

Healing Sounds for Chakras

Sounds baths are great because they are a combination of sound and crystal healing energies. And if you come to a sound healing with me and my partner I add energy healing too!

The sounds penetrate the chakras and release blockages and stale stuck energy that you no longer need. If you are at a sound bath just lay back and enjoy the ride!

Sound healing

Beej sounds are Sanskrit sounds that have been used for centuries for healing and transformation. The most well-known is Om. To use Beej sounds you chant them at the chakra that it relates to.

You can follow the steps for cleansing your chakras meditation listed above. This time you repeat the sounds and feel them vibrating in your chakras, releasing and cleansing as they go. 


Spend time in nature

Going out and being in nature is like having a big healing hug from the Divine Mother. 

You don’t have to spend much time outdoors, surrounded by trees to feel its effects.

spend time in nature to raise your vibration

Energy Healing 

A major part of energy healing is cleansing and balancing your chakras. It’s one of the reasons it’s so effective. 

It’s amazing when a client will come and see me and their chakras are blocked or depleted and after just one session how different they feel. It really is quite amazing!

The reason is I am able to pull in so much energy and direct it straight into where it needs to go. I was also guided to create release commands and affirmations for you that are individual and unique to your current situation.

So there you have it. A not so short lets of ways you can cleanse your chakras and bring balance to your life. 

If you have any questions or comments please pop them in the box below or you can contact me directly.

Happy cleansing!

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