Uncover your strengths and step into empowered self-love

step into empowered self-loveWhy do we find it so hard to accept our beauty? Our strengths? Is it so hard to see and accept how truly amazing we are? Why do we forget our awesomeness?

Well, enough is enough and I’m going to show you how to become an empowered self-loving woman!

I was giving my friend a healing yesterday and was reminded how often we forget to remind ourselves of how much we have achieved and how capable we are. And I see this again and again in the healings that I do. Amazing women who do not see their beauty, their strength and their gifts.

We get stuck in our problems and the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and get lost in our own negativity. We catastrophes and lose sight of who we really are.

This negativity sucks the light from our vision of ourselves and we can only see the darkness.

You really do forget how awesome you truly are.

Find your light

Sometimes you need a bit of help finding the light again. You need help to remember who you are, what you have done and what you can do.

When you spend way too long focusing on what you can’t do and don’t have, you are not focusing on your strengths and your wins. And this is not empowering!

It’s always important to take a step back and remember all the good. 

Find your Light

When you shift your focus away from the negatives and onto the positives it will bring the light back into your world and help you to move into a higher vibration.

So as you do the following exercises I want you to think about what you have achieved and what you do that is positive and worthy of praise. And not praise from others. Although that’s nice, it is nowhere near as important as the praise that comes from within. 

And don’t just think about “big’ things, things that society deems as important. Think about what is important to you. Even the smallest things count for they all add up and give you power and grow your self-belief. And that my friend pulls you up. That is empowering! 

Ok time to roll up your sleeves and get serious!

Put your phone in another room.

Light a candle

Put on some beautiful, heart-opening music.

Get out a paper and pen.

Sit quietly and focus on your breath.

Take a few long slow breaths.

Come back to your centre.

Allow yourself this sacred time of reflection and growth.

Unearthing your greatness

look inside yourself to find empowerer self-love

Now it’s time to do some digging.

You’re going to make 4 lists and you have to be completely honest with yourself. Don’t filter. Don’t be humble. None’s going to read it but you and your Inner child.

Write whatever comes to mind no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you.

You can either follow the prompts below or download the free workbook

List 1

  • Make a list of all the things you are proud of.
  • Go as far back as you can think.
  • Think of all the challenges you are worked through, all your successes. Big and small.

List 2

  • Now write down all the compliments you have ever received.
  • All the times someone has said something nice about you. The things they point out.

List 3

  • Write all the things you like about yourself.
  • Think personality, looks, abilities, life choices.

If you are struggling with ideas use this for inspiration.

Positive attributes for empowerer self-love

List 4

  • Write a list of all the qualities you admire in people.
  • or choose words from the list above.


Now read through all four lists and see how amazing you are.

Yes, the 4th list is you too! It is your golden shadow. This is the good aspects of self that you hide and find difficult to accept. But because you see them in others then they must be inside of you. But you just can’t see them hence they are in your shadow.


  • What things surprised you?
  • What things appeared multiple times?
  • What things do you find difficult to believe about yourself?
  • Why?

Put it on your mirror and look at it every day. Remind yourself of who you are. Allow yourself to see the good. Allow yourself to be proud. Allow yourself to shine

Remember your awesomeness.

Remember your truth.

Selene xx

You are amazing

This post was originally published on 14/06/2016 and updated on 13/01/2021.


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