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Are you ready
to let go and

into a healthier, happier more harmonious you?

Are you?

I feel a sense of empowerment and ease that grows exponentially with every session.


Hiya beautiful

I’m Selene


I’m a Spiritual Energy Healer who creates a space that brings you fully into your healing journey.  I bring light into the darkness and open you up to new possibilities, strength and power.

You do not lie passively on a table as I quietly shift and realign your energy. You are fully present, involved and engaged.

I allow you to be the co-creator of your healing process and transformation.

After the session, you will not only walk away feeling lighter and brighter, but you will know why.

I help you to uncover your true self. The self that is under the fears and the pain. You will learn to understand yourself, your pain, your beauty and your gifts on a whole new level.

And you will grow in ways that you never imagined. 

This is what I offer you.

The gift of self-realisation, acceptance and love
True empowerment from with!

Working with Selene has allowed me to release emotions and pain that I never thought possible.


Group 37

My Story

In 2003 after years of living abroad and enjoying life to the fullest, life took an unwelcome turn and everything came crashing down.

I was broken and in pain, surrounded by darkness, self-loathing, sadness and incredible grief.

I was holding it all at bay, but only just. I was pushing it down and pretending I was ok, but it was all a lie.

The following year, I quit my job and went on a pilgrimage. I travelled through the Himalayas of Nepal and the Spiritual land of India and I started to heal.

I immersed myself in yoga, learnt to meditate and sat and listened to my Soul.

And one day my heart cracked open and the pain began to release.  

I came home and  I studied – yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing, meditation and life coaching.

And I met my spiritual teacher and she taught me how to be a better human, how to connect even more deeply with my Soul and the mysteries of the Universe.  

I have been on an incredible journey, a journey back to my Soul and it is my biggest desire to help you find your way back too.

I learnt to let go of the pain, to grow in ways I never imagined and to love myself again.

And you can too!

I literally felt a new version of myself emerging during the session.

When I sat in the chair in Selene’s healing room, she made me feel totally at ease and guided me gracefully into a deep meditative state.

She asked me questions about areas of my life that I felt challenged by and she created new possibilities for managing them and gave me access to new ways of being in which the challenges I was dealing with no longer felt like challenges. 

The feeling of being the energy stayed with me for a few days, and the issues that had been bothering me before just felt smaller and more manageable.

I left feeling expansive, light and empowered. It was a very special and unique experience for which I’m very grateful



for the searchers…

My mission is to help as many people as I can connect to their Higher Self and find their truth. 

I believe that from this place of higher connection and consciousness you can step more easily into your power and bring more love and beauty into the world.

Everyone has a divine gift and mine is to help you bring yours into this world.

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Learn to see yourself as the goddess you are!

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