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Life Coaching

Make a commitment to your healing and spiritual development. Start your journey of self-discovery, acceptance and love. 

Spiritual Life Coaching

is for you if….

   you are ready to experience big life-affirming shifts in your mind, body and spirit

  you know there is more to you and life, and want to take full advantage of it

  you are looking for help, support and guidance

  you are ready to do the work

♥  You are ready for the transformation

Energy Healing package for Spiritual Growth

Life coaching

with Soul

Take your healing and dreams to the next level with Spiritual  Life Coaching. 

MAKE A COMMITMENT to your spiritual and personal development and be supported every step along the way.

Spiritual Life Coaching:


Selene helps me to believe in who I am.

Selene has been a huge support over the last few weeks. She is gentle yet powerful and is able to look beneath the surface to the core of what is going on. She is genuinely caring and lighthearted. I AM FEELING STRONGER AND MORE GROUNDED  thanks to regular healings with her.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am so grateful for every single healing I have had, each one has moved some energy, shifted perspective, released something that needed to go.

I FULLY TRUST I CAN BE FULLY OPEN in these healings and that what I say won’t be judged or reacted to in a way that compounds any pain.


“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

how it works

The Roadmap

Energy Healing and  Spiritual Life Coaching is like A SECRET WEAPON creating the life you dream of!

Unlike other coaching methods, incorporating energy healing into your journey takes you deep within your Self and connects you to your Soul. It lifts you up to a higher vibrational level of consciousness where true manifestation and transformation takes place. 

Your map to transformation:

Step into the new

If you are truly ready to transform your life and connect with your Soul then these spiritual coaching programs are for you.

Your Soul is ready and waiting for you to –

  • Step into a new empowered you.
  • Create lasting change 
  • Believe in yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Connect more fully with your light and the Divine

Are you ready?

$1450 best value!

The Journey Program

10-week program

Perfect if you want to dive deep and make big changes in your life. 

BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group – connect with other people on their journey of spiritual transformation. Make friends and be part of a community of like-minded empowered women.

BONUS: 2 Guided Healing Meditations

Receive 10% off if you pay in full upfront

Payment plans available

Concession available to approved customers. 

If you don’t see any changes after 2 weeks then I’ll give you your money back*

*Conditions apply

Next Course starts November 2021

8 week energy healing transformation package



That’s ok life happens, just try to give me as much notice as possible. I will try to fit you in as soon as I can.

If you need time off that’s also ok we can re-arrange things.

I will always do my best to keep you on a regular weekly schedule but if we fail to do that for some reason we will work around it. You will still receive all the sessions you have paid for.

Although you will still gain so much from the individual sessions we have together, you will not get as much traction without doing the homework.

The tasks are designed to keep you focused on your goals and to stop you from falling into old patterns and behaviours. They are also beneficial for energising and empowering yourself and your goals.

  • Each session will last between 60-70 minutes. I would allow an hour after to integrate the energy if possible.
  • The homework differs depending on the tasks and how deep you want to go. On average they would take  5 to 30 minutes. 
  • Just remember the more you put in the more you get out.

We will go as slowly as you need to so this doesn’t happen.  If you find that you need to take a break or spread out the healings then that is totally ok. 

Integration and knowing when to slow down is an important part of the journey and a skill everyone needs to develop.

If however, you are wanting time off because you are trying to avoid doing the work then we will have a chat. and I will help you get over the hurdle and remove the bocks and the fears that are playing out. 

Sometimes it can be confronting but I will be with you every step of the way and will not make you do things you are not ready to do. 

Remember I have your back.

I fully believe if you are committed to your goals and open to healing and transformation then you will benefit from these programs. 

But if you don’t feel it is working for you refunds are available if at the ends of the seconds week you have –

  • been open and receptive to the healing sessions and the guidance that you are given
  • followed the plans you created and completed all the assigned tasks/homework
  • have not felt any difference in your mind, body and spirit
  • believe you are not and will not achieve your goals through this program

If this does happen then you can apply for a refund. 

But I will do my best to make sure you achieve your goals or can see the ship turning and them coming into view. 


for the searchers…

My mission is to help as many people as I can connect to their Higher Self and find their truth. 

I believe that from this place of higher connection and consciousness you can step more easily into your power and bring more love and beauty into the world.

Everyone has a divine gift and mine is to help you bring yours into this world.

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