Trust in yourself and shine your light for all to see

Trust yourself and shine your light

Remove the layers that hold you tight,

Waxing and waning afraid of the light.

Purity and joy lay locked away,

Open your heart and turn night into day.

This poem came to me a few months ago after a weekend of ceremony, connecting with my Soul and the love and essence of all that surrounds me. And the message was clear – I NEEDED TO SHINE MY LIGHT!

I came home transformed and awakened to a new level of understanding about myself and my habit of hiding and not being seen. A habit of dimming my light and not allowing myself to blaze in my full expressive self.

I’ve come a long way but there are always more layers to be removed and more light to be revealed.

It’s all part of the spiritual path.

The path home to the full realisation of who you are.

I am so thankful for all the work that I have done to bring me to where I am today. For all my teachers and the teachings, I have received. And the growth and expansion that has allowed me to stand in my power and my truth so I can help others.

Learn from the Moon

The moon is such a powerful reminder of our dance with our light.

She waxes and wains in the sky forever changing. She waxes into her full glory and we experience her Divine light. Then she wains and totally disappears into the darkness.

learn form the moon

But she is always there.

Our teacher in the night sky. 

And we do this too.

We blaze and shine, and other times we are quiet or even dark.

But sometimes we get lost and we forget to blaze and we spend all our time hiding.

We might show a slither of ourselves but we keep so much hidden away.

But why do we hide our light?

Oh, there are so many reasons.

Maybe your parents lived a life where they didn’t step into their full power. And because of this, you were not shown how to do it yourself.

Or you had your light dimmed for you by others or circumstances.

Maybe you tried to blaze and was told to be quiet. Or maybe your siblings were such a big presence that you just disappeared beside them.

Maybe you were never praised and so you learnt to not see the greatness inside you.

Past life contracts, vows and barriers

I’ve done healings on people where they had taken a vow in a religious order lifetimes ago that was all about being humble and was translated into this life as ‘don’t shine because that’s arrogant. And I’ve had others who were persecuted for being healers (ie witches) and were afraid to stand in their power in this life out of fear they would be persecuted in this life.

past life contracts


It could be Karmic. Maybe having to hide in this life is somehow putting right something from your past. 

Bu tit’s OK you can help alleviate your karma by doing good in this life. One of the best ways is to – Give, forgive and serve. Good things balance bad things so the more good you do in this life the more you can try to reduce your karmic depth in this one.

But the why doesn’t really matter, what matters is learning to shine again.

You need to learn to find, love and value your light and very importantly not be afraid to own it. To shine it. 

So how do you do it?

How do you learn to shine your light?

Well, firstly it takes work. I’m sorry but like most things, on the spiritual/self-development path you gotta put some effort in to get results.

Energy Healing

So let’s start with the one that has had the biggest effect on me – Energy healing. Energy healings and more specifically Ignite your Spirit energy healings. it works in so many.

The Energy healings I do go deep into your subconscious to find the core issues that are stopping you from shining your light. And then it helps you to release them. It allows you to reprogram your mind and your energy field in a way that is in alignment with your inner light and allows it to shine more freely.


When you sit and listen to your Soul through meditation it becomes much easier to know the truth of who you are. 

The more you do it the easier it becomes and you start to discover so much about yourself. You start to feel and experience your light and once you do it’s hard to pretend it’s not yours.

Use a mantra

I have used 2 mantras to help me to remove the obstacles that are holding me back and to find my strength and power.

I’m not Hindu, or religious, but I love the teachings of the Vedas and other scripts from India. They have such wisdom and has given me so much. It is my sincere wish that I do not offend anyone by speaking about Hindu ideas. I respect and honour the teachings of India and am speaking about them from deep gratitude and respect. If I have made any errors in my interpretations I apologise and ask to be guided by those more knowledgeable than myself.

mantra for strength

So the first mantra I use is a prayer to Ganesh who is the very cute and quite famous elephant-headed God. he is the God who you pray to when you need obstacles to be removed, and from my experience, he is very gifted in this area. You can use it whenever you are having issues and block and need to remove them. 

The mantra goes like this.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 

So before I start, I call Ganesh to be present and then I set the intention that he removes the blocks I have to be seen and shining my light. 

The second mantra I use is 

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Durga is a Hindu Goddess and she is strong and powerful. She rides a lion (or a tiger) so you can tell she’s no pushover!

When I do this chant I call on her and ask her to give me the strength to stand in my power, to stand in my light and be seen.

If you want to listen to it there are loads of versions available on Youtube and Spotify or wherever you get your music. 

Self-love work

If you don’t love yourself then you are not gonna shine in all your glory. It’s that simple. How could you? How can you blaze if you are not full of light inside? 

I’ve written a post all about Self-Love and I have even created a Self-Love Journal workbook for you to use to discover your greatness.


If you follow the steps laid out in this blog post then you should be on track to loving yourself and your light so much more. 

Inner child – The key to self-love

I could go on for days about the importance of your inner child to just about every aspect of your life. She is the key to self-love, self-empowerment and anything else you need to shine your light. 

When she is understood, loved and valued she will shine in all her glory. But you need to connect with her and you need to let her know you see her.

When you connect with her you see yourself in a whole new light. 

Isn’t that interesting, that see yourself in a new light. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Trust yourself 

And finally, you need to trust yourself.

If you look carefully this is the underlying theme of the whole story. This whole playing small business just comes down to not believing and trusting in yourself.

The more work I do on myself and with my clients the more I hear myself saying – “do you trust in the Divine? Do you trust in the Universe? Do you trust your Soul? “

They always say yes of course.

Then I say “when you don’t trust, what you are really saying is you don’t trust the magic that creates you!”

You just have to give all your doubts and fears, your buts, if and maybes up to the Divine and trust that you are enough. More than enough.

Playing small is not only a disservice to yourself but to those around you too. By playing small you don’t allow your try gifts to come into the world and those gifts are important and necessary. You need to share what you have been given. You need to believe in what you have been given.

Again it comes down to trust. trust yourself and the Universe.

But it’s not easy. I know!

I have had to work on this for so long and it is like peeling away the layers of an onion. But instead of being left with nothing, you are left with the true essence of who you are. – your light.

And when it is revealed everything changes.

All of these things have helped me to stand more courageously in my light and to be more authentic.

I hope they help you too.

Shine your light strong and bright.

Selene xx

Shine your light

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