Nature’s beauty is healing

Trees are healing

So we are 8 months into this year that is 2020. There have been fires and floods, protests and a virus that has shut down the world.

So how are you doing?

It’s so easy to get caught up in it all and be pulled down into whatever form of negativity resonates with your fears.

Images and reports of suffering and loss are all around us.

We need to be careful with what we are feeding our conscious and unconscious mind.

Although it is important to be informed so we can stay safe, we also need to keep our mind and hearts safe too.

We need to find things that lift us up. We need to find the beauty that is all around us.

The skies might be bleak and the trees might be bare but they are also so beautiful and strong.

Trees are such a great reflection of our strength and resilience and our beauty.

And they are so healing.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed just find a tree.

If you can go and touch it. Connect with it. If not just look at it and connect that way. 

Either way, you are forming a connection.

Be fully present. Soak in its beauty, it’s strength.

Offer it your love.

Soak in its response.

Tree love

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