Meditate and touch your Soul


Meditate and touch your soul

Every time we meditate we open ourselves up to more of who we are. We travel beyond the mind into the depths of our being. And it is there that we are able to experience and touch our Soul.

Every time we meditate we strengthen our connection to our Soul. The more we stop and connect the stronger our intuition will become.

I ran meditation last Thursday night and it was such a pleasure to be able to facilitate something so beautiful. As is always the case when I run a meditation, I had no idea what was going to happen. I just open myself to the Divine and the Souls in the room and their guides and follow their guidance.

Last week it was a sound healing using singing bowls. This week it was connecting to yourself, your breath and your Soul.

It really was beautiful. It also highlighted how disconnected we can become from these things.

Our breath is our constant friend, just like our Soul but how often do we stop to acknowledge this? How often do we stop and just be, be with us and us alone? 

It really is one of the gifts of meditation and yoga. The gift of slowing down, disconnecting from our lives and coming back into ourselves.

And that is why meditation is so popular and has been practised for thousands of years. 

Our Soul rejoices every time we take the time to do this.

It celebrates the connection that we grow and cultivate each time we take the time to just be.

To be with ourselves and to remember that we are more than the things that make up our days.

More than the jobs we have, our relationships, our possessions, our dreams, our achievements and our failures. We are a Divine being a part of the Universe and we are amazing!

We are meant to shine, to feel love for ourselves and who we are, our true essence. The part of us that is light and full of love, devoid of negative thoughts and energies.

We really are beautiful creatures and that was so evident on Thursday night. The room was buzzing with love and joy.

It felt light and spacious. It was beautiful, a gift.

If you would like to know when I am running my next meditation or would like to organize on please get in contact. Individual and group meditations are available and can be facilitated over Zoom. 

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