Releasing doubts & fears from your chakras

Imagine if you had the power to remove your doubts and fears? The power to take your power back from them and become a newer, stronger version of yourself. Well, you do! And the power lies in your chakras.

Every time we have an unpleasant experience it gets lodged in your body, your chakras and your subconscious. Every thought, every feeling is processed and stored. Stored as emotional responses to situations, beliefs and thoughts. Stored in your chakras to trigger doubts and fears in your life. 

Sometimes they have been there for so long that you don’t even know they are there. They gradually built up over time, or even lifetimes.

Maybe you start to feel different, heavy, sad or angry and you don’t know why. Maybe you start acting differently, or your physical body starts to play up.


But why?

When you are hurt, abandoned or treated badly, you internalise those experiences. You push them deep down inside of you when you can’t feel them. Or so you think. But they are still there and they create doubts and fears that come out in all kinds of different ways.

You doubt our ability to succeed, to be liked, or to find love. You doubt who you are and what you can do.

And then there are the fears. You fear making mistakes, taking chances or being rejected. Or you fear your emotions and your dreams.

You pretend all these feelings are not there, that they don’t matter or deem them as  ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

It’s human nature to try to protect ourselves. But sometimes our protection creates blocks and stops us from experiencing life to the fullest.

So what can you do?

Healing the past

There are so many ways negative energies can show up in our lives. And the great news is our body is capable of releasing them.

Your doubts and fears are held in your non-physical bodies – your chakras and your subconscious. They are also held in your physical body – in tissues, muscles, and organs. And your brain and gut!

Ever had a gut feeling about something? Your inner knowing or gut feeling is real and your body trying to communicate with you. Trying to tell you how you feel and that something is not in alignment.

But what happens if that warning system is acting from past pain? What if it was holding you back? Holding you back from moving on, from showing yourself how much you have grown? Holding you back from trusting? 

What if your father abandoned you as a child and now you fear intimacy now and believe that if you get involved with a man he will leave you too? How can you move forward? 

How can you trust someone when the very core of your being is telling you it’s not a good idea? The only way is to heal the past and let go of the fears and build new beliefs about men and relationships.

Life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs so it super important they align with what you want.

And your chakras are your internal alignment system.

The chakras relationship to doubts and fears

Each of the chakras relates to different physical and emotional aspects of our lives.

And the wonderful thing about them is their ability to release blockages and negative beliefs and absorb new programs. And the most effective way I have found to do this is through energy healing. It really is quite astounding how quickly and easily they respond to the process.

During a healing, I tune into the chakra what corresponds with the doubt or fear you have been experiencing. I will then direct energy to the particular energy to shift any negative energies. 

So for example, if you are doubting your ability to attract a loving partner then we will have a look in your heart chakra and see what needs to be healed.

So let’s have a look at each of the major chakras n your body.

The base chakra

This chakra is about finances, family and security. So this is a great place to work on releasing limiting beliefs, and negative energies around these things. 

The sacral chakra.

This one is all about creativity. The creativity of life, as well as any idea or dream you wish to give birth to.  

If you are having trouble creating your dreams or find that you are overwhelmed with doubts and fears about your ability to bring your visions into the world, then you may have a block in your sacral chakra.  

Your Solar Plexus chakra

Here is your home of empowerment. This is where your self-worth or lack of it resides. 

Doubts fears and the solar plexus chakra

If you doubt your ability to do something or believe (often subconsciously) that you are not worthy of something, then you probably have beliefs and the energies that reflect this in this chakra.

The Heart Chakra

It is no surprise that love is at the core of your heart chakra. Fear of love, giving it, accepting it and expressing it are all signs that your heart charka, and you, need some love.

If you fear commitment and have trouble holding onto long term relationships, then you need to do some work on your heart chakra.

The Throat Chakra

Next is the throat chakra. As you may have guessed its related to speech and communication. When you have trouble speaking your truth and doubt your abilities to communicate yourself clearly, then you probably have blockages, and negative beliefs stuck in this chakra.

The Ajna Chakra

Your Ajna chakra is the master chakra and it is here that your will and your ability to perceive Higher Guidance is either blocked or free to flow.

You will find it hard to see the bigger picture or tune into messages from your Soul and Guides if you have any blockages here. Although you might desire this connection, something inside of you might be blocking it. Maybe in a past life, you were punished for your mystical abilities or thoughts, so have unconsciously pushed them down to feel safe in this life. 

The Crown chakra

Sitting right at the top of your head is your Crown Chakra – the gateway to the Universe.

Fear and doubts surrounding being open to the higher realms available to you might be stopping you from being truly open to experience and connect with the Divine, Source or Universal consciousness.   

doubts and fears in your crown chakra

So what can you do?

Realigning your chakras

Rebalancing your chakras is a 2 stage process. First, you need to release all the blockages and negative beliefs and then you need to replace them with positive, empowering ways of thinking. 

Cleansing your chakras of doubts and fears

Chakras are energetic cups which get full of etheric muck. They need to be cleaned out to work properly. 

Here is a simple technique you can use to release some of the negative energies of doubt and fear from your chakras.

Chakra cleansing technique

  1. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Sit comfortably and bring your awareness to your breath.
  3. Breathe in and out and feel yourself relaxing.
  4. Focus on the chakra that corresponds to the fears and doubts you are having.
  5. Imagine you can breathe clean cleansing energy into the front of the chakra. 
  6. As you breathe in say I release all energies of doubts and fear from my ______ chakra.
  7. See it flushing all negative energies out the back of the chakra as you breathe out.
  8. Do this 3 times.
  9. Then breath in cleansing energy again and say I am strong and fearless.
  10. Hold the energy in your chakra and imagine it being absorbed.
  11. Repeat 3 times.

Doubts and fears do not have to control you. You can release them and create a better life for yourself. We are meant to fly but life gives us so many challenges that we don’t know how to process that we end up holing into them and they, in turn, hold us down.

If you would like some help releasing your fears and conquering your doubts please come and see me and see me, either in person or online.

I’d love to help you.

Selene xx

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