Couples healing: Lift and shift your relationship

Couples healing_ bring harmony and balance to your relationship

Are you struggling in your relationship? Have you tried to let things go and move through your issues only to find them come up again and again? Do you want to create a deeper relationship with your partner but feel blocked?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then Energy Healing is just what your relationship needs!

Chakras and relationships

Did you know that your relationship has an energy body?

Just like people, a relationship has it’s own energy and set of chakras which become blocked and unbalanced.  

It’s very own set of chakras and Aura? Well it does!

Just as our individual chakras hold memories, thoughts and vibrations so too do the chakras of your relationship.

Every fight, miscommunication, and grudge, all unspoken words and all the anger and sadness. Everything good and bad is stored away creating blocks and holding us back from more love, more understanding and more compassion.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through energetic healing, you are able to release these heavy, negative energies and allow the beauty of the relationship to thrive!

The relationship chakras and aura hold the vibration and energy of all the arguments and disagreements you have had with our partner. They hold all the grudges and pain, all the unspoken words and all the sadness. Everything good and bad that has happened is energetically sitting within this shared energetic filed.

If these negative energies are not removed and the chakras re-balanced then you will experience blockages to love, peace and happiness.

Through energy healing you are able to release these blockages, clear the past and create a clean slate to work from.  You can find a safe and open space to discuss your differences and create positive and empowering ways to move forward.

Couples healing

How it works

I offer 2 forms of couples healing. You can come in alone and we can work on the relationship or you can come in together.

Either way, you are still able to cleanse and re-balance the energy of the relationship.

During the session, you talk about what is happening for you, how you see things and what you are hoping to achieve. We will work on the energy of the relationship and the energy of you individually to heal both you and the relationship itself.

If you choose to have the couples healing package then you will then come together for a session where you will work together on your combined energy and issues of the relationship, allowing you to release negativity and blockages together. This will then be followed by another session with you both a few weeks later to discuss how things have progressed and to do more healing. 

I have personally had major shifts in my relationship through energy healing therapy and I hope that I can offer you and your partner the same.

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