5 ways to move on from the past and heal your pain

As with everything we have a choice we can work through our issues or we can run from them, pretend they don’t exist or that they don’t bother us.

We can self-medicate, make ourselves busy, fill our lives and our credit cards with things that only fill the void or dim the pain for a short time.

Although avoiding pain gives you temporary relief, it doesn’t make it go away and eventually, you have to face it. If we don’t, we will forever carry that burden and it will forever define our lives.  

Running away doesn’t solve anything. Our issues follow us, and they knock on our door again and again begging us to deal with them.

There comes a time when the only way forward is to move forward. But to look forward you must close the door on the past and allow for a new beginning. For new opportunities.

 When you truly learn to heal your past it will begin to fade. Time does heal your wounds but sometimes you need to work through the pain to come out the other side.

And as scary and hard as that may seem, the rewards on the other side are so vast that the journey is worth the reward.

Releasing pain, anger, hurt, betrayal and abuse is a process that is truly liberating and transformational.

Letting it all go, leaving it all in the past, will change your life in ways that you had never imagined.

Let go of the past

I’m a big believer in letting go of your past. Letting go of things that are holding you back from happiness, joy and peace.

We are designed to heal. To grow and to evolve.

Holding onto pain doesn’t help. Your past pain gives you great strength and wisdom and makes you who you are, but you are not meant to be bound to it. You are meant to learn from it, grow from it and let it go.

When you hold onto your pain you suffer again and again. All the negative emotions hold you down, both energetically and emotionally, and they keep you from moving forward. You go around in circles and get lost in it all, and it seems like you are never going to be free again.

You get stuck, and it gets really hard to move on.

You grip to the past, to the stories, and hold onto them because they are your stories, your wounds and they make you who you are.

Sometimes it’s scary to let things go because no matter how difficult they are to carry, they are familiar. They have become part of you and you can’t imagine life without them. You pretend it’s all OK. You busy yourself with other things, so you do not have to feel and hopefully make it all go away.

But it never truly does.

Open your heart and let it out

But, when you acknowledge your pain and let it go, you become the lotus that rises out of the muddy waters. A beautiful example of resilience and strength.

It can be hard to pull yourself out of the mud, to allow yourself to regain your beauty and happiness. But it can be done. I know because I have done it.

I have released the deepest pain and have become free. Free from the pain that haunted me for many years, pain that I thought I would carry with me always.

But that pain is no longer part of my life. And this is how I did it. 

Energy Healing

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing focuses on your energy body, your chakras, your thoughts and beliefs.

You connect with your Soul, your guides and your Inner Child. This allows you to go deep within your subconscious and heal in places where you hold the heaviest of all pain.

But it doesn’t mean reliving the experience. It isn’t necessary. You just release the pain and suffering that it is attached to. And you truly let it go!

When you release the pain you release the darkness and the heaviness. You break free of the energies that hold you to the past. It allows you to release pain in a way that I have not experienced in any other modality.

Thoughts and vibrations that held you back no longer have a hold on you and you are free. Free to be happy. Free to love. Free to be.

Like all forms of therapy and healing, it is not a quick fix.  It’s like peeling an onion, taking away the layers until you get to the core or the last remaining remnants.

But once you have, the energy and heaviness are no longer there. You can think about the person, event or situation, and it no longer has any power over you.

And that is true empowerment!


If there ever was a “magic bullet” this would be it.

This is a tough one, but when you are truly able to forgive, you will set yourself free.

Shame, blame, anger and resentment are all very low vibrational energies and when we hold onto them we keep ourselves anchored to these low vibrational states. When you hold onto resentment and continue to blame and shame the people who have hurt you, you end up hurting yourself.

We need to let it go.

Forgiving those that have hurt us does not condone the act, or make allowances for what was done. It removes the energy associated with it and allows us to heal. It is for you, not them.

And sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it. I spent a long time forgiving myself and others, and although I believed in the process it took a while. But then the shift happened and I no longer had that resentment and anger and I was able to move on.

Forgive. Let live. And move on.

And don’t forget about yourself and all those things you hold against yourself.

For me my deepest wound was personal. Forgiving myself and accepting my past has been the most liberating and expansive part of my spiritual and emotional journey.

I remember the moment I felt true and complete forgiveness towards myself. There was an internal shift and I knew it was over. 

Inner Child Work

Discovering and forming a relationship with my inner child was a major game-changer in my life and my healing process.

Your inner child holds all your secrets, all you fears, your hopes and your dreams. They are the key to your happiness and the door to self-love and understanding.

When you connect with your inner child you connect with yourself and magic happens.

As you connect and nurture your relationship with this very important aspect of yourself, you grow in self-love and understanding. You are given great insight into situations and yourself, and as a result, are able to shift things that you thought were impossible.

They understand forgiveness, healing and love letting things go.

Not only do they understand it they are so incredibly happy when you do. Their joy and relief of removing memories and energies that have been plaguing them is a true pleasure to watch.

They are the most important relationship you will ever have and I don’t know what I would do without mine.

When you heal from the inside, with your inner child, when you nurture and grow this special relationship your life completely changes. 

Energy Healing Meditations

Healing in a group is so powerful.

The collective energy of the group and the assistance of a facilitator can help to lift you beyond where you can go individually.

So much can lift and shift when a group comes together.

Energy Healing Meditations are very active and require you to release energies and thoughts that hold your pain and past in place, allowing you to move forward and leave them in the past where they belong.

You are often transported to other dimensions and through the galaxies and lifted high above the level of vibration that you live in.

From this place of higher consciousness, your heart opens and you see and understand things from a completely new level. And from here it is much easier to release and heal pain.

As you fly through the Universe your troubles are left far behind. When you return to the physical world everything looks different and you feel different. 

You get a new perspective and it’s much easier to move forward.

Find your tribe

Finding a spiritual community and having friends who are on the same path and who speak the same language has been so pivotal in my journey.

Being supported, held and cared for by others, especially others who are working on themselves, who are comfortable showing their struggles and helping you with yours.

Sharing your pain and stories, holding and being held is a beautiful way to heal. We are creatures who crave intimacy and support and no more so than when we are hurting.

And tribes can come in all shapes and forms. Now with the amazing choices, we have thanks to technology we never need to be alone. We can connect and reach out so much more easily.

I have created a Facebook group to help you find like-minded people who are on the healing journey. Each week I go live with a meditation and we connect that way. It’s a great way to stay connected and meet people with similar interests. 

So the big take away from this all is – you can heal. You can let it go. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Just get in touch and organise a healing, come to a meditation or join the Facebook group. Or even better –  to it all!

You will thank yourself for it!


And I hope to see you soon and help you on your journey.

Selene xx

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